Vitamin D supplementation has tremendous anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits, but not a preventive effect on cancer or heart disease.

Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to have several benefits, including promoting bone health and bone strength, improving immune system functions, and reducing systemic inflammation that can impact weight and well being. Because of the proven scientific evidence of relationship between low Vitamin D and inflammatory processes, it has been speculated that Vitamin D supplementation could also help preventing cancer and heart disease.

This question has been raised by scientists, particularly that research has previously shown that the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease is higher in people with low Vitamin D levels. However, a recently published large-scale study has shown that supplementation with 2,000 units of Vitamin D3 did not result in the reduction of occurrence of invasive cancer of any kind or in a reduction of occurrence of heart disease, stroke, or death from cardiovascular disease.

One of the powers of this study is the long duration of observation of the individuals studied, exceeding five years. Nevertheless, Vitamin D supplementation in people with Vitamin D deficiency will continue to be recommended because of the anti-inflammatory and immune health benefits.

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Dr. Ridha Arem is board certified in endocrinology, and metabolism. He is the author of over 40 peer reviewed articles in the fields of thyroid disease, endocrinology, and metabolism.