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Endocrine Disorders

At the Texas Thyroid Institute, we have a special interest in detecting and diagnosing other endocrine disorders (hormonal disorders) other than thyroid malfunctions.

Are you suffering from chronic fatigue? This could be caused by adrenal insufficiency or growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency in adults can cause: fatigue, weight gain, irritability, depressive symptoms, and metabolic syndrome.

At the Texas Thyroid Institute we conduct:

  • Pituitary stimulation testing
  • Diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency and other types of pituitary dysfunctions
  • Conduct thorough, precise pituitary adrenal testing for the purpose of diagnosing adrenal dysfunctions such as adrenal insufficiency
  • Diagnosing and treating low testosterone and other hormonal disorders in men and women including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome