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Dr. Arem's Expertise

Dr, Arem has developed an expertise in diagnosing and treating all thyroid conditions including Hashimotos Thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves disease, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer as well as much less common conditions.

Dr. Arem uses a comprehensive mind body approach in the management of thyroid patients, and this includes taking care of the mental aspects of thyroid imbalance, using innovative individual thyroid treatment with precise dosage titration of medication, and proving lifestyle and nutritional counseling.

Dr. Arem's Approach

Dr. Arem’s approach emphasizes the use of antioxidants, mind body techniques, and complete health and nutrition. He also provides comprehensive counseling on the use of hormones including estrogen / progesterone replacement therapy for women going through the hormonal transition or are menopausal.

Dr. Arem addresses the entire spectrum of conditions and suffering often associated with thyroid disorders. At the institute, we also provide a comprehensive weight loss program including diet and useful counseling for successful weight loss.

Dr. Arem's Services

What We Do


Thyroid Disorders

We look at your thyroid system meticulously to give you the right diagnosis and an individualized treatment program that will make you feel at your best and reach perfect thyroid balance. Your treatment will be individualized based on your symptoms, exam and blood tests. The goal is to mimic what your thyroid gland normally does, but it does not end there. We also provide treatment and monitoring of thyroid cancer.

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Weight Loss Management

We look for the core reason for the weight gain. If you have become overweight, regardless of the reason, you are certainly suffering from a multi-hormonal disorder which is the consequence of the weight gain. You will be given dietary guidelines according to the Thyrolife Protein Boost Diet, designed by Ridha Arem M.D. to help you reverse these hormone malfunctions. The result is, successful weight loss and optimal health.

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Hormone Replacement

We will individualize your hormonal treatment needs based on your symptoms and hormone levels. We use bioidentical hormones (the same hormone molecules that your body naturally produces) in the right form. We prescribe both a pharmaceutical form of bioidentical hormones or compounded forms of bioidentical hormone depending on your individual needs.

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Endocrine Disorders

We have a special interest in detecting and diagnosing other endocrine disorders (hormonal disorders) other than thyroid malfunctions. Are you suffering from chronic fatigue? This could be caused by adrenal insufficiency or growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency in adults can cause: fatigue, weight gain, irritability, depressive symptoms, and metabolic syndrome.

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In-House Supplemental Services


In-House Lab Testing

  • On-site laboratory testing for the thyroid and other endocrine systems
  • Dynamic challenge testing of pituitary functions (i.e. growth hormone)
  • Dynamic stimulation testing for the pituitary thyroid system
  • Stimulation testing of the adrenal system
  • Antioxidant testing
  • Food sensitivity testing


We offer patients same-day and in-house ultrasound for the diagnosis and detection of thyroid disease including thyroid nodules as well as for monitoring of thyroid nodules (growths) long-term and for monitoring of patients with thyroid cancer.


Metabolism Testing

We can assess your lean mass body fat composition and determine your basal metabolic rate (the calories you burn over while resting). This would provide you with meaningful information that allows you to determine your caloric intake and its repartition during the day for successful long term weight loss.