The Thyroid Solution Table of Contents

The Thyroid Solution Table of Contents

PART I: The Emerging Mind – Thyroid Connection: How a Tiny Endocrine Gland Intimately Affects Your mood, Emotions, and Behavior

1 Thyroid Imbalance: A Hidden Epidemic
2 Stress and Thyroid Imbalance: Which Comes First?
3 Hypothyroidism: When the Thyroid Is Underactive
4 Hyperthyroidism: When the Thyroid Is Overactive
5 Thyroid Imbalance, Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Swings
6 Medicine from the Body: Thyroid Hormone as an antidepressant

Part II: No, You Are Not Making It Up: Common Emotional and Physical Interactions

7 Weight, Appetite, and Metabolism: The Thyroid’s Actions
8 Hormones of Desire: The Thyroid and Your Sex Life
9 “You’ve Changed”: When the Thyroid and Your Relationship Collide
10 Overlapping Symptoms and Syndromes: Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Hypoglycemia, and Fibromyalgia

Part III: Women’s Thyroid Problems: Your Symptoms Are Not All in Your Head

11 Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopause: Tuning the Cycles
12 Infertility and Miscarriage: Is Your Thyroid a Factor?
13 Postpartum Depression: The Hormonal Link

Part IV: Diagnosing and Treating Common Thyroid Disorders: The Journey to Wellness

14 What You Need to Know about Thyroid Tests
15 Treating the Imbalance
16 Curing the Lingering Effects of Thyroid Imbalance
17 The New T4/T3 Protocol: “It Made Me Feel Better All Over”
18 Living a Thyroid – Friendly Life: Healthful Choices Day by Day
19 Living with Thyroid Eye Disease
20 Thyroid Cancer: Curable but Anguishing
21 Eight Steps for the Future: How to Promote a Better Understanding of Thyroid, Mind, and Body

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