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Dr. Arem is Devoted to Thyroid Wellness

Below are just a few of the testimonials from Dr. Arem’s patients and supplement customers.

 Dr Arem is a brilliant physician! 
 Well I finally got into Dr. Arem today and I was very impressed. Yes, he is very quiet and introspective, but I got him to laughing! His staff was very kind and accommodating. They made me feel at ease and cared for. He looked at me and right off the bat knew I was “off”. Then he felt my neck, and not just the little “touchy, touchy”, he squeezed it several times and thought he felt a lump on the left side. All my other drs have just done a light touch and swallow and said nothing. So I got my labs drawn, did a CO2 metabolic rate test, and then an ultrasound. 
Angie T
 My experience with Dr. Arem has been wonderful! He makes managing my health so easy! 
Darcie Moseley
 Dr. Arem was able to get my thyroid normal, I now feel wonderful and happy! Thank you so much Dr. Arem! 
 Dr. Arem is a great doctor. He has helped my 2 daughters and myself get healthy and avoid so many unnecessary surgeries that our local doctors wanted to perform. Thank you Dr. Arem! We are looking forward to seeing you soon for our follow-up appointments! 
Jessica Garcia
 Dr. Arem diagnosed me when no one else was able. 
 I finally found a doctor who will give me the proper diagnosis and treatment once all my tests are complete. 
 I finally found a doctor who will give me the proper diagnosis and treatment once all my tests are complete. After so many years of not getting a correct diagnosis and the right thyroid medication I’m finally at ease with this man’s wealth of professional knowledge. He already knew so much about me after just one visit with him. We are definitely on the right track to success, and I’m now at peace with my health issues knowing that I’m in good hands. Thank you doctor Arem. 
Margarita Dobcheva North
 Dr. Arem is the best there is. He turned my life around when other doctors failed to do so. If you have a thyroid problem, there isn’t a better doctor than this one.