How excess of free radicals affect metabolism in women and how you can improve the negative metabolic effects of free radicals

Excess of free radicals caused by buildup of metabolic waste in the cells can cause toxic effects including injury to proteins, lipids, and DNA. Excessive [...]

The importance of taking the right amount of iodine for optimal thyroid function

Adequate amounts of iodine are essential for normal thyroid function. Your body requires iodine to properly produce enough thyroid hormone. When the thyroid doesn’t have [...]

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Dr. Arem’s Protein Boost Diet

Tired of fighting the battle of the bulge with insufficient troops? Learn about Dr. Arem’s comprehensive Weight Loss Plan! The solution to your weight problem is a well-balanced diet that has the ability to:

• Restore the efficiency of metabolism boosting hormones

• Improve insulin resistance

• Reduce levels of ghrelin (a hormone that increases your cravings and slows your metabolism)

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