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Dr. Ridha Arem is board certified in endocrinology, and metabolism. He is the author of over 40 peer reviewed articles in the fields of thyroid disease, endocrinology, and metabolism.

Liquid levothyroxine may be a better therapy for hypothyroidism than a tablet form

Hypothyroidism is diagnosed when a patient’s TSH level is reported as elevated. The introduction of a precise dose of thyroid hormone into the body causes [...]

2018-11-29T20:40:22+00:00 By |Thyroid Treatment|

How excess of free radicals affect metabolism in women and how you can improve the negative metabolic effects of free radicals

Excess of free radicals caused by buildup of metabolic waste in the cells can cause toxic effects including injury to proteins, lipids, and DNA. Excessive [...]

2018-11-29T20:37:13+00:00 By |Metabolism/Fat Burner, Supplements|

Vitamin D deficiency: Contributor to autoimmune thyroid disease

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune thyroid disease characterized by the continuous attack upon cells of the body’s own thyroid gland. Although the cause of Hashimoto’s [...]

Bacteria and hormones in your gut may be contributing to your weight problems

The obesity epidemic has long been attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and a high amount of energy consumption in our diets. New evidence is emerging [...]

2018-10-04T13:17:02+00:00 By |Supplements, Weight Loss Helpers|
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